Sunny Forsyth

Sunny Forsyth
Sunny Forsyth is a registered practitioner of: Chi Nei Tsang (Abdominal Acupressure), Gut Health/Digestion, Trauma Release, Depression/Anxiety Therapy.
Sunny teaches Chi Kung (Traditional Chinese Exercise Therapy) classes.

Sunny’s work has been showcased on multiple platforms; including TEDx, Museum of Art and Applied Science, nationally syndicated radio shows, and Universities.
Sunny Forsyth, is a facilitator, speaker, engineer, and teacher. He guides people in the realms of personal change and empowerment, global sustainability, and embodied medical and wisdom practices.

Nominated for a UN global best practice award for his development of sustainable drinking water systems for the developing world (

During his 10 years in Asia he encountered illness and the healing effects of Classical Chinese Medicine. As a result of training with traditional masters in Asia and the USA he experienced the physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing that is possible through Chinese medicine. Sunny now feels inspired to share with others how they can embody the wisdom of Chinese medicine for maximum wellness, vitality, and personal power in the modern World.

Sunny uses a variety of methods to facilitate a powerful healing experience for people longing to restore their natural harmonious state of power and internal happiness in the mind and body.

Sunny has facilitated workshops linking executive stress, gut health, and state of the art stress management.
He continues to bring together concepts from different domains to generate an out-of-the-box solution that creates transformative results.